kviscal Energy is a leading division of kviscal LTD.

We provide clients with comprehensive energy saving solutions and support them from the consulting and planning stages to installation, training and the final "energy savings" test.

We provide our clients with various energy saving solutions, such as heat-pump heated water (with a savings of up to 70%), steam-heated water, ozone laundry washing systems, and many more.

We offer solutions for a variety of businesses, including hotels, nursing homes, laundries, communities, cafeterias, and others.

kviscal Energy imports and distributes high-quality products of various types, sizes, and power consumptions.

Our unparalleled experience combined and with our diverse, high quality product line ensures that your solution will be efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. We guarantee our clients will save on energy from day one.


Benefits of installing energy-saving equipment:

·         A significant return on your investment, with an average savings of 75% in the cost of heating compared to Diesel fuel.

·         Eco friendly – No fuel burning and no smoke or odor hazards. Up to 90% emission reduction!

·         High quality and reliable – no blockages or fuel failures.

·         The Company's operations have been approved in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000.


kviscal is located in Rosh-Haayin's new industrial zone in Park Afek– an area of about 1,400 square meters.

We have forty full time employees. Twenty of them work in the service department.

Clients can rent, lease, or purchase equipment on an installment plan. Our clients’ needs always come first, and their satisfaction guides us on every step of the way.If you have any special requirements, we'll be happy to hear them and consider them together.


All our employees are at our client's beck and call, along with a computerized service system, a large and updated spare parts warehouse, and vehicles equipped with advanced communications technologies and experienced technicians. All this ensures efficient, fast, and quality service, and that your equipment will work flawlessly.