Our Specialties

Kviscal provides an array of equipment, fit for any kind of laundry.

We’re always happy to guide you and answer questions such as:
– What’s the needed Infrastructure to open a laundry?
– Do my existing Infrastructure answer the needs for my planned laundry business?
– What sort of equipment and how many machines of each kind will fit the capacity of my planned business?
– How can I match my laundry to the requirements of the Ministry of Health?

Self-service Laundromats

A self-service laundromat is an automatic, unmanned laundromat, enabling the owner to enjoy a fixed income without having to actually be present at the laundromat. Kviscals provides you and your clients with peace of mind by providing grade-a commercial laundry equipment which is reliable, strong, user-friendly and easily operated. Kviscal also provides you with a self-operating machine dispensing laundry materials, a main payment system accepting cash and credit cards, and an implementation to a payment app.

Neighborhood Laundries

As opposed to self-service laundromats, the service in a neighborhood laundry is usually given by the laundry workers operating the machines. The target audience of neighborhood laundries are usually the people who live in the area – young adults and bachelors who live in rented apartments and have no access to a laundry machine and a dryer. Also included are students who live in dorms with no laundry room, migrant workers, and other incidental clients.

Neighborhood laundries provide laundry services for big items such as drapes, carpets and duvets, which can’t be washed using a home laundry machine. The laundry also provides dry cleaning, targeted spot-cleaning using special products. It also usually provides a free home pickup and delivery service.
Some laundries take the extra step forward and work with hypoallergenic materials for laundry intended for pets with sensitive skin and fur.
Other than laundry machines and dryers, a neighborhood laundry also needs an ironing facility, cloth-wrapping appliance, and a conveyor belt for hanging ready-to-go clothes.

Commercial Laundries

Commercial laundries deal with the laundry of medium to large clients – hotels, guest houses, banquet halls, spas, restaurants, and the likes, who accumulate a large amount of laundry on a daily basis.
The laundry will usually be white (sheets, towels, tablecloths, etc.) and the needed equipment for the laundry are washing machines and dryers with a capacity of 22kg and upward, plus a flat ironer.

Hotels and Guest Rooms

In order to lighten the load of the laundry department workers in hotels and guest houses, what’s required is special laundry equipment with a perfect balance between high capacity and simple, easy-to-use instructions. Kviscal provides laundry equipments with washing programs specifically designed for hotels and guest houses.
Since the vast majority of laundry in the tourism field is white, continuous maintenance is required for the laundry equipments in order to keep the laundry soft, fragrant, and sparkling white.


It’s well known hospital laundry is one of the toughest to clean, since the spots are often very problematic. Also needed is advanced ironing equipment for the medical team’s uniforms and patients’ robes.
Kviscal provides advanced laundry equipment fit to successfully handle all parameters mentioned and needed for hospital washing.

Nursing Homes

For nursing homes, good hygiene is critical. In order to make clean laundry available on a regular basis, the washing equipment must be reliable and hold a large capacity.
In assisted living facilities, the residents often do their washing themselves in self-service laundry machines operated by coins or tokens.
Kviscal provides not only the self-service laundry machines, but also the tokens.

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