Service & Maintenance

As a company specializing in service, we know that one of the most important things for you is to keep your clients happy. You want and need your laundry equipment to be advanced, reliable, and to continue to serve you nonstop – at minimum cost and maximum savings of supplies and energy.
You deserve the best, and we plan to give it to you.
We invite you to enjoy the world of advanced, user-friendly equipment, and the benefits of a large team of professional technicians at your disposal, offering regular maintenance for your equipment.

Kviscal works with the top manufacturers in the world, giving you the ability to choose from a wide array of laundry equipment at the price range the fits you, without compromising on quality. You’ll also enjoy our counsel and guidance along the entire way; it’s an integral part of our service.
Now you can start your journey – either give us a call, or leave your details through our contact page. We’ll take it from there.

Professional Technicians Service

Kviscal operates a nationwide technical team counting 15 technicians. The technicians are top-grade professionals with extensive experience, equipped with a large inventory of spare parts enabling them to perform quick repairs and handle industrial laundry equipment of any scope and size.

Laundromat Consultation for Effeciating Energy and Savings

Professional consultation for hot water supply in accordance with profitability and energy savings. We’ll tell you whether the best option for your laundromat is gas, electrical, or steam equipment.

Sales Department

Kviscal’s sales department’s experience and professional know-how is at your disposal – from planning the location and foundations for your laundromat, to picking the right equipment, to full implementation of the products and operating guidance.

Stock Services

Kviscal owns a large repair and spare parts warehouse. You can always get in touch with the warehouse for more details and further help.

Professional Lab Services

Kviscal operates an advanced workshop providing our clients with machine repair services, upgrades, overhauls, etc. The workshop’s team is made of professionals with extensive experience. The machines are operated and repaired according to the highest professional standards subject to the ISO9001:2008 standard.

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Operating Instructions and Technical Information

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